We received notice of this report a while back (like late October or early November), but in searching through our archives we neglected to post it at the time.  This is a report written by Terry Anderson (Professor Emeritus at Athabasca University and former Canada Research Chair in Distance Education) and Don McPherson (retired teacher and sessional instructor at the University of Alberta), which was sponsored by the Alberta Teachers Association.  This continues a pattern of teachers unions in Canada being active in the research related to K-12 distance, online, and blended learning.

Online Learning Initiatives in Alberta Schools

Classrooms in Alberta are increasingly defined by more diverse and complex student populations. As this complexity grows, teachers and principals are exploring a variety of new ways to meet the many needs of today’s more inclusive classrooms. Among the many ways Alberta teachers are looking to support our more complex student populations are a variety of online education initiatives that range from software programs to digital classroom platforms used in blended learning environments, to fully online courses. (COOR-101-19, 2018 08, 64 pp)

ATA Report – Online Learning Initiatives In Alberta Schools

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