Continuing the blogging from the Digital Learning Annual Conference, our team also presented a poster session focused on the annual report.


State of the Nation: K-12 e-Learning in Canada

4:30 PM–6:30 PM Apr 2, 2019

Zilker Foyer


This panel examines K-12 online learning in Canada based on the 2018 edition of this on-going study. The session will begin with a brief description of the policies that govern and the level of activity of K-12 online learning in all thirteen provinces and territories, along with the various models that have developed across the country. Then the panel will outline some of the issues still facing K-12 online learning in Canada from the perspective of their individual programs.

Speaker (1)


Below is a digital photo of the poster.

Click to enlarge

Also, the actual PowerPoint slide is embedded below.

DLAC 2019 – State Of The Nation: K-12 e-Learning In Canada

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