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Jan/Feb 2017

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Dear Thought Leader,

I hope you enjoy our stellar February Top 10 News Stories of the MindShare Report as crowd sourced by you our much valued readership.

Special thanks to our valued podcast and blog contributors who helped make our February Online Learning special edition one of our best ever! The explosion of online learning in Canada has many benefits and serious implications for teaching & learning. It creates demands on educators, infrastructure, technology and best practices. We welcome further dialogue and would be happy to provide insight and engage in deeper discussion with our readers and listeners. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a note!

Celebrate our 10th Anniversary with us next month! I’m humbled and honoured to share that our March edition marks a HUGE milestone — our 10th Anniversary of publishing the MindShare Learning Report. I look forward to sharing a retrospective of the digital evolution that we’ve shared during our journey, thanks in part to your valued contributions as leaders and learners.

Watch for our new and improved MSL Report design! We’re also embarking on our annual reader survey to get a deeper pulse of what’s vitally important to you to garner insights in the EdTech space!

We look forward to charting our course with our valued MindShare community for the next 10 years; building on a foundation of innovative learning practices in support of student success across the Canadian landscape. Whether you believe we’re immersed in an evolutionary or revolutionary time, that is up for healthy debate. The great news is that Canada continues to be at the forefront of innovation and learning on a global scale.

Until next time, keep the digital learning curve steep!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter our Classroom of the Future Challenge!Qualify to WIN a MakerSpace for your school!

Robert Martellacci
M.A. EdTech
Chief Digital Curator, The MindShare Learning Report™
President, MindShare Learning Technology

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2. Exclusive podcast with Dr. Michael Barbour, Release of the State of Online Learning in Canada Report


Michael’s research has focused on K-12 online teaching and learning. His research agenda is aimed at improving the design and delivery of these online learning opportunities to enable all students, particularly those in rural areas, the opportunity for success.


7. Approaches to E-Learning: Survey of K-12 E-Learning in Canada

“In contrast to the US where the idea is that we need to be proliferating this wave of the future in online learning,” explains Dr. Barbour, “Canada’s biggest question comes down to ‘Is this the best way for a child to learn at this time?’”

Both the US and Canada have seen similar levels of growth in the number students engaged in distance learning. But Canada primarily uses e-learning as a supplement to the classroom, while there is a much higher proportion of full-time e-learning in the US.

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Top 10 MindShare Report Canadian EdTech New Stories February 2017

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