Faith Christian Academy

Technology is here to stay and our students are using it. Texting, tweeting, hash tagging, blogging, FaceBooking–these are all verbs and nouns our students know and use. Online social networking offers students an alternative to the standard classroom setting and the LEARN programme in Quebec is using it to full advantage. E-learning may not be for every student, but it is the way of the future and we at Faith Christian Academy (FCA) appreciate all that LEARN has to offer our students.

faith_christian Since September 2009, FCA has benefited greatly from LEARN. We have had students enrolled each year in secondary 4 and 5 math and science programmes. As a small school it is not possible to offer the full range of courses and levels so LEARN has been essential for our students. Introducing on -line virtual learning to students is not only progressive it is essential for success in today’s ever changing technological world.

Whether using voice threads or live chats students have an opportunity to communicate on a regular basis with their teachers and daily demonstrate their learning. Access to resource materials such as videos or practice quizzes also provide additional help at any time of the day or night.

Students are no longer confined to the traditional school hours of eight in the morning to three in the afternoon for learning, nor are they required to do homework with out-of-date textbooks hoping that parents will somehow be able to help. In fact, a number of parents have stated how thankful they are to LEARN for providing support information to students.

It is our experience that students who take classes through LEARN continue to succeed in their post-secondary studies as it encourages autonomous learning, time management and independent thinking.