In their latest newsletter, the folks at Contact North announced the release of their latest report into online learning in higher education.  Interesting to compare these results to what we see happening in the K-12 environment.

Double-Digit Growth in Online Learning in Canadian Colleges and Universities

Preliminary results from the 2019 National Survey of Online and Digital Learning, conducted by the Canadian Digital Learning Research Association, reveal a 10% growth in online learning in Canadian colleges and universities from 2018 to 2019.

Other key findings in the report include:

  • Strong expectations of online learning enrolment growth in 2020 from the majority of institutions, with a small number anticipating stable or declining registrations.
  • The growing use of new forms of credentials – e.g. micro-credentials and badges, but significant variations in how these credentials are defined and tracked.
  • The growing use of on-demand streamed lecture videos and other video use as a means of delivering content.
  • Growth in mobile learning – with extensive use in some institutions and more modest use in others.
  • Moderate use of simulation by 30% of institutions surveyed.
  • A small number of institutions are experimenting with adaptive learning, learning analytics, artificial intelligence and augmented and virtual reality.
  • Limited use of blockchain technologies as a means to track learning and credentials.
  • OER use is widespread but in the experimental stage.
  • A small number of institutions require their faculty to complete professional development for online learning, with most making offers of such learning voluntary.

The preliminary report can be downloaded from or in French from

The Canadian Digital Learning Research Team, Dr. Tricia Donovan, Executive Director, Nicole Johnson, Research Director, Dr. Tony Bates, Advisor, Dr. Brian Desbiens, member of research team, Eric Martel, member of research team, and Dr. Jeff Seaman, Babson Survey Research Group, released the key findings of the report at ONLINE LEARNING 2019, hosted by Contact North | Contact Nord, during a special briefing on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

Click here for details on the special briefing and to download a copy of the Research Team’s presentation.

Online Learning News: Double-Digit Growth In Online Learning In Canadian Colleges And Universities

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