With the assistance of Centre francophone d’éducation à distance (CFÉD), the past year saw a major undertaking related to the project website: the creation of a French version. Over the past 12 months, CFÉD has translated the major project components to provide the study with a basic French language website.  When the e-learning team at the Nova Scotia Ministry of Education and Early Childhood Development designed the tenth anniversary banner, they ensured that the text was in both English and French. The French version of the website can be accessed by clicking the “En français” link on the main project website or directly at https://k12sotn.ca/francais/

Additionally, CFÉD, LEARN (Quebec), and Manitoba Education and Training have provided in kind translation services for the 2016 version of their individual jurisdictional profiles.  We are issuing a call for other organizations that may be interested in providing an in kind contribution of translating the 2016 and 2017 version of their individual jurisdictional profile.  Please note that the most recent profile is approximately 3-4 pages in length, while older profiles tend to run approximately 1-2 pages in length – depending on the jurisdiction.

Announcing French Version Of The State Of The Nation Website

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