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Dear Authors and Section Editors:

We are so pleased to announce that the Handbook of Research on K-12 Online and Blended Learning (2nd ed.) is now live and freely available online at: 

Thank you for joining us on this journey…we couldn’t have done this without you!  We are going to post to our FB and Twitter feeds.  Please feel free to share anywhere you like!   If you want to reference it, please use the following (updating it to include your chapter info as you see fit.  (Just be sure to use the new page numbers as they may have changed.)

Kennedy, K., & Ferdig, R.E. (Eds.). (2018). Handbook of research on K-12 online and blended learning (2nd ed.).  Pittsburgh, PA: ETC Press.

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (2018). Title of chapter. In K. Kennedy & R.E. Ferdig (Eds.), Handbook of research on K-12 online and blended learning (2nd ed., pp. xy-yz).  Pittsburgh, PA: ETC Press.

If you get feedback about wanting to be involved in future editions, please feel free to have folks contact us.  It will be a few years, but you can never start planning too early.

Kathryn and Rick

We are sharing this because Randy LaBonte and Michael Barbour wrote a chapter on “An Overview of eLearning Organizations and Practices in Canada.”  The abstract for the chapter reads:

This chapter provides an overview of the state of K-12 online, blended and distance education, or e-learning, in Canada. A summary of the history of K-12 e-learning and research is provided along with enrolment, current policy and legislation. A description of programs is provided along with an overview of practitioner-based organizations and consortia that have evolved to support e-learning programs in the country. A discussion of issues in K-12 e-learning and research are included and the chapter’s conclusion calls for more research and sharing of innovative practices emerging in Canada.

The chapter is Chapter 43 and begins on page 601.  Again, the complete book is available at:

Handbook of Research in K-12 Online and Blended Learning – Published!

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