We noticed that this item was featured in the latest newsletter from the People for Education organization.  It is a pretty fair and balanced piece on e-learning in Ontario, with some reasonable questions asked.

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e-Learning in schools: Complex perspectives

Changes announced leave questions unanswered

The government has announced changes to its planned e-learning policy. Ontario students who graduate in 2023-2024 will now be required to take two online credits to graduate from secondary school. This is down from the 4 courses originally announced.

But many questions remain.

At People for Education’s recent Annual Conference, a panel of experts on e-learning revealed a range of views on its pros and the cons. But even among the proponents of e-Learning, there was widespread agreement that careful implementation and class sizes much lower than the planned ratio of 35 students per teacher were key.

Summer Cowley, PFE’s Communications & Research Coordinator was there to capture the conversation.

Read the full blog post here.


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People For Education: The Latest Education News – e-Learning in Schools: Complex Perspectives

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