This past Friday and Saturday I was in Toronto to attend the Canadian K-12 Online Leaders’ Summit.  One of the items on our agenda was a presentation that I was to deliver on the annual State of the Nation: K-12 Online Learning in Canada studies.  As all of the group were familiar with the report, I decided to skip much of that discussion and we moved to the more informal events that we had planned to allow the various leaders to be able to network and learn from each other.

Throughout the course of the event, it was mentioned several times that I should have given the presentation.  So, anticipating that I had this sample video entry coming up with week as a part of my EDTECH597: Blogging in the Classroom course, on Friday night I prepared the following video presentation that I would have delivered at the event on Friday.


Canadian K-12 Online Leaders’ Summit Presentation – State of the Nation: K-12 Online Learning in Canada

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