In the past day or two we saw these video news ideas from Quebec:

The items are focused on the new virtual academy that has been created by the English Montreal School Board (which we discussed earlier in Quebec Virtual Academy).  Unfortunately, because this initiative is not a part of the formal pilot projects that have been approved by the Quebec Ministry of Education (for more information see The Virtual School Takes the Lead in Quebec – and it is about time… or Quebec – Projet « Modes alternatifs d’enseignement »), the Ministry has dictated that only students that have medical exemptions from attending face-to-face classes are permitted to enroll in the course (following the same logic as the Quebec Superior Court decision around remote learningKarounis c. Procureur général du Québec).

It is unfortunate because these kind of policies continue to put Quebec well behind almost every other Canadian jurisdiction when it comes to K-12 distance and online learning.

English Montreal School Board’s Virtual Academy

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