Our research team has been attending the Digital Learning Annual Conference over the past couple of days.  Today, our lead researcher – Michael Barbour – presented on a recent State of the Nation: K-12 e-Learning in Canada special report:

Contributed Talk

Funding and Resourcing of Digital Learning in Canada

10:45 AM–11:05 AM Apr 2, 2019

Texas III


In 2017, British Columbia began a review of the model that it uses to fund K-12 digital learning. This session explores how digital learning funding across Canada. Two of the three models overlap with common US models (i.e., supplement per fee courses & FTEs). However, the third model – direct funding and/or resourcing district-based digital learning. This session will explore these three models, with a specific focus on the strengths – and challenges to implementing – this third model.

Speaker (1)


The slides for the presentation are embedded below.

The actual report is available on our website at:



DLAC 2019 – Funding And Resourcing Of Digital Learning In Canada

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