Late yesterday Stephen Downes mentioned our latest State of the Nation: K-12 e-Learning in Canada report in his OLDaily.

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State of the Nation: K-12 e-Learning in Canada
Michael K. BarbourRandy LaBonteJoelle NagelCanadian eLearning Network, 2022/05/30


The summary description in this article is probably sufficient for most readers. Two major findings are reported: first, “distance or online learning enrolment remained stable across the country, with many jurisdictions reporting an increase in the number of students enrolled in programs,” and second, “what occurred in most jurisdictions when school closures were required was still remote learning – and not online learning – because it was still viewed as temporary in nature. It remained an attempt to project a classroom instructional model to students at a distance with limited success.” The report (40 page PDF) addresses changes that occurred in the last year, while full provincial profiles remain available on the website.

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OLDaily ~ May 30, 2022

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